Progressive Development
“CIRCUIT BASEBALL is an outstanding program that emphasizes progressive development of proper hitting, fielding, and throwing technique using sound mechanical principles in a positive and encouraging environment. In addition to contributing to improved baseball performance, I believe the progressive nature of the program and the emphasis on proper mechanics helps keep young players’ shoulders and elbows healthy. I am the father of two boys that have participated in CIRCUIT BASEBALL, and I could not be more pleased with the improvement in their skills on the field and their confidence both on and off the field.”

– Dr. Stephen Cobb, professor of bio-mechanics/kinesiology UWM, and parent

Character Building
“I would highly encourage Bob Heinkel’s Circuit Baseball to anyone considering it. As a mother of 3 boys who have been through the camp, I have noticed great improvement in each of my boys’ mechanics, skills, and love for the game. Bob does a great job of both working with a group of kids while making sure his players each get the individual attention they need to hone in on their personal needs. Not only does Bob work on their ball playing skills, but he also works on building their character – something that is sadly lacking in many children’s sports today.”

– Britt McCure, a  baseball mom

Dedicated Educators
“THE HEINKEL family’s dedication to baseball is second to none. This all starts with the Circuit Baseball camps. Coach Bob and his team use his experience as an educator to develop and refine the program to ensure that every player is working to develop their fundamental baseball skill sets. I am proud to tell anyone that our family was a part of their program for more than 5 years. I often refer families to Coach Heinkel. You’ll be impressed.”

– Jack Golatke, parent, Red Raider Coach

Love For The Game
“I WAS 9 years old when ‘Sandlot’ was released.  My neighborhood didn’t have a ‘Sandlot,’ but I had Circuit Baseball, which was better.  Those summer days going through the circuit’s stations and playing ballgames cultivated a love that endured as my career progressed into the game’s higher levels.  I played in the Big Ten, the Northwoods League and professionally.

Before Circuit Baseball, I liked baseball.  After Circuit Baseball, I loved baseball and will forever!”

– Mike Rohde, 2003 WI High School Baseball Player of the Year, Participant in 30 sessions of CB camps during 7 summers

Balanced Program
“Balance is important to our family and Circuit Baseball has been the perfect program for us! We’ve found no other program in the area that provides such a balanced approach of great baseball skills training, healthy competitiveness, and character development through Christian values as does Coach Heinkel and Circuit Baseball. Our son loved the experience, made new friends and we saw improvement and growth even after one week!  So much so, he came back for a second week of Circuit Baseball Camp.   It’s well worth the time and investment!”

– Kevin Oelke, Pastor, youth baseball coach, and parent

Safe and Fun Enviroment
“I HAD the fortunate opportunity to be involved with circuit baseball for many years both as a camp participant and a coach. Reflecting back on my experience I can say it was one of the most unique and best ways to help teach the skills of baseball to young kids. The circuit stations provide an opportunity for kids to work on a variety of baseball skills in a safe and fun environment that is enjoyable for both kids and coaches.

I can say without hesitation the skills I learned from circuit baseball helped me achieve my dream of playing baseball at the collegiate level. On top of the baseball skills taught, the daily Christian character lessons from model athletes provided a great resource for campers to learn about Jesus.”

– Dr. Jack Jorgenson MD, CIRCUIT BASEBALL player, Milwaukee Lutheran High School baseball player, Div. I recruit