Our History

  • CIRCUIT BASEBALL has served over 10,000 kids ages 6-12 every summer since 1986.
  • Created and developed by Bob Heinkel from his MASTER’S DEGREE THESIS on the positive child development effects of his CIRCUIT BASEBALL specialized training.
  • CIRCUIT BASEBALL teaches the fundamentals of baseball through a circuit station training approach, enhancing learning and development of necessary skills for every aspect of the game.
  • Camps are held in June and July.

What do we stand for?

  • Experienced Expert Teaching – led by founder and director Coach Bob Heinkel
  • U.S. Baseball Federation singled out this model program for “effectiveness and sensitivity to the needs of each age.”
  • Excellent training of skills, character and self-worth
  • Christian character taught and woven into every aspect
  • Build the skills needed for success in your child’s youth league

What makes CIRCUIT BASEBALL different from other camps?

“Technique Drills” follow as Coach Heinkel and staff guide players to mimic correct form for pitching, hitting, catching, and fielding. CIRCUIT training stations are at the core of this camp! Players experience a series of 15 -20 different skill stations. Intrinsic motivation is fostered by the station dynamics as players seek to improve their skills each day. To keep the action lively and fun, players switch stations about every 4 minutes. Players LOVE THE CIRCUIT!

Why should I send my child to CIRCUIT BASEBALL?

  • Every aspect of the program is purposeful and coordinated to build up the child’s confidence and self-worth (based on master’s thesis’ verification)
  • Program instruction develops intrinsic learners and fast pace matches child’s attention span
  • Age-appropriate challenges for success that make baseball fun at any ability level
  • Our faster-paced games keep all the players involved – players play multiple positions every game
  • A Christian value taught daily using a Christian athlete role model